Scenic Workshops at Theater Heilbron, Germany

main wood workshop

The main wood workshop and construction space. Space is limited when building large scale shows and scenic elements are stored overhead on an electrically powered winch system see below

metal workshop

Far smaller than the main workshop but efficiently organised. Steel stock lengths are fed directly from the delivery vehicle into the shop via a hatch just to the right of the window in the left half of the picture.

painting workshop
All the painting takes place on the floor as there's no paintframe. The paint preparation/mixing area is off to the left of the picture. The gallery surrounding the painting floor accommodates the soft furnishing and drapes department (with its own designated full-time staff).


Blood Brothers under construction

Blood Brothers floor framework view of second act tower tower framework tower doors mechanism close-up

The steel framework of act one's central wall, (4.5m x 5.5m high, which became the raked central acting area for act two), is seen suspended from the ceiling. The trucked doorway frame is in the middle ground of the photo.

One of the two onstage towers with doors filled in. We had wanted the towers to rise telescopically from under the stage during the opening of the second act but money ran out and we had to draw the line! In the end they were preset from the opening of the act.

The framework of the base of one of the towers seen from the rear. Each division of the two onstage faces is a doorframe, independently opened from below via a simple manually operated handle. (See detail right)

The underside of one of the towers showing the simple mechanism designed to open each of the doors independently. The doors opened slowly, imperceptibly during the second act. What started out as orange towers of doors became a deep blue skeletal framework of open doors.

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