A Brief Biography

Obscure beginnings, some might say romantic, being born in a hut on Ellough airfield just outside Beccles in Suffolk?

the hut
me with mum outside the hut in '48
The hut
Mother and son

However, I spent most of my formative, especially teenage years, more cosily in the 'Sun Trap of the South', Eastbourne, Sussex .
I first went to school at Highfield Primary in Hampden Park, a suburb of Eastbourne, and after surprisingly passing the 11+ proceeded to the local grammar school.
in 1959 in 1962 in 1963 sometime in the 70s

photograph in 2005

time takes its toll . .

After grammar school I went to the local Art School for a pre-diploma course and then on to Wimbledon School of Art for the three year course in theatre design and a Dip. AD.

Following graduation from Wimbledon in 1970 I won an Arts Council bursary as an assistant designer for a year working in repertory theatre firstly at the Gateway Theatre, Chester and then at the Phoenix Theatre, Leicester. After leaving Leicester I worked around several repertory theatres, before being invited back to Wimbledon School of Art by Richard Negri (mentor to so many of my generation) to teach part-time whilst continuing free-lance theatre design work.

To cut what could easily develop into a very boring story short, (and which, for the really curious, may be unravelled from the CV) working in Higher Education has now taken over to a large extent and Wimbledon School of Art is where I'm working full-time and have been since 1986. Until August 2002 I was subject leader of two theatre, film and television related undergraduate courses. In 2002, following significant restructuring of the school I was appointed to the new post of Head of the Theatre School.

Aside from work, and trying to think of something else to add here, I'm a fairly competent DIYer and my crowning achievement in that area is probably the neo Edwardian porch that I designed and built for home in Dulwich a few years ago. The porch betrays a personal weakness for completion of projects after a characteristic burst of initial enthusiasm and still needs its interior paint finish resolved!

View from inside the hallway, through the internal
front door, showing knot patterned glass work and,
beyond, unfinished interior paintwork

I'm also married with twin children, a boy
and a girl, born in 1998.


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